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Design and editing 
 of print and multimedia 

Design and editing 
 of print and 

Who can talk about you better than yourself?

The communication age: if something is not communicated it does not exist. For any company, it is vital to control messages and to remain in constant communication with their environment. Is this difficult? No. We say this after years of designing and editing publications for leading companies. From newsletters and company magazines to annual reports, books and prestige publications, both print and digital.

We manage all or part of the process to make it easy and efficient

We create editorial and graphic content. We publish in print and online

In-house team of journalists, designers, IT and web specialists

Online collaboration platform to manage content in real time, without mistakes

Various different specialists are involved in the creation of corporate content, coordinated throughout the process by a single point of contact for the client.

This methodology guarantees rigour, confidentiality and quality in these types of publications that are so important for companies.

Experts in design and editing of print and multimedia publications CeGe
Printed publication for companies CeGe
Annual report Credit Andorra 2021 CeGe

Corporate communication content creation services

What services?

Design and editing of print and multimedia publications CeGe

What type of projects?

corporate magazines, annual reports, publication design and editing CeGe

Integrated management in the creation of corporate content

A single point of contact for each project

Commitment to rigour and confidentiality for this highly sensitive information

Coordinated internal team, which provides coherence and agility in timings

Multimedia publications, with innovative and dynamic visual resources

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