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Printing of sample books with textures

Printing of sample books with textures


Sample books with real textures, lighter and impactful

Do you have a project where texture, color or even smell needs to be transferred to paper? You will be surprised by what we can do with TECNIcart, our innovative printing technology that is unique in the world.

Real appearance, without materials attached

Lighter sample books

Lower production time and costs

Accurate reproduction of colors, reliefs and textures

Improve your communication and commercial efficiency

With TECNIcart you will reduce both costs and production times. You will be able to multiply the number of samples for your commercial actions with sellers and at points of sale. Everything ready in each campaign to reach new markets and channels (fairs, mailings, etc.).

Incredibly shorter delivery times (with the traditional system it would take between 4 and 6 months; with TECNIcart, between 4 and 5 weeks).

Reduces the weight of catalogs, making them lighter, easier to transport and economical.

Much lower costs than traditional physical sample systems.

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Sectors and applications

High decoration paints, pigments and special paints: faithful reproduction of any type of paint and finish: high decoration (Venetian plasters, crackles, sand, metallic), industrial (hammered, rust, automobile, nautical), effects (glossy, matte, satin, pearlescent, metallic, oxides), pigments, facade plasters, enamels, palette lines, velvety, sandy...

Wooden parquets: allows you to faithfully show what the parquet chosen by the decorator, architect or end user will be like, with all the effects of the products once applied: glossy, satin, matte..., as well as the characteristic texture of each one. (rain, knots, cathedrals, etc.).

Vinyls: whatever the vinyl product, for flooring or wall, we can reproduce the effects and finishes of the original products (glossy, satin, matte, pearlescent, metallic, rust...), as well as its texture, which imitates wood, ceramic, carpet, smooth, embossed, non-slip, etc.

Wall coverings: to show the result after the application of wall coverings, facade plasters or any type of material, even if they do not have a smooth and uniform color, until today it was necessary to apply the product on cardboard, cut out pieces and paste them on paper. With TECNIcart printing, the samples reproduce the effects of the coatings (glossy, satin, matte, pearl, metallic, rust, etc.), as well as the textures (facade plaster, hammered, cracked, palette lines, sandy, velvety, woven, etc.).

Microcements: we reproduce in the color cards or sample books all the characteristics of the original products: shiny, satin, matte, pearlescent, metallic, rust..., as well as their texture: palette lines, non-slip granules, etc.

Ceramics and synthetic materials: until today, to show the creations of flooring, ceramic coverings or synthetic materials, it was necessary to use real pieces, presenting them in folders or any support capable of supporting a material with this weight, volume and rigidity. This implies high costs and long times, the impossibility of showing an entire collection in the same sample book, very expensive shipping costs and protection of the pieces due to their fragility. TECNIcart provides maximum color and texture accuracy to your sample books, without the need to make them with real product samples.

Aluminum: we apply all the textures and effects of the products to the color cards or samples: shiny, satin, matte, pearlescent, metallic, oxide... TECNIcart provides maximum accuracy without the need to make them with real product samples, both for materials with plain colors as well as with different creative effects, special effects of imitation wood, iridescent, metallic, etc.

Varnishes: we achieve the faithful reproduction of any type of varnish or wood treatment: glossy, matte, satin, pearl finishes, with particles, metallized, oxides...

Laminated wood: appearance and sensation of reality in the materials in terms of color and texture, with all the effects that the products show: shiny, satin, matte, pearlescent, metallic, rust..., as well as the characteristic texture of each one (rain , knots, cathedrals, etc.).

TECNIcart will allow you to create the elements that best fit your campaigns (samples, catalogs, etc.).

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Do you want to reach many more customers with your samples more quickly?