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Tourism, leisure and hotels

At CeGe, we work with travel agencies, theme parks, hotels and airlines

Among the current trends that have the most impact on tourism industries are: catering to millennials, an increased emphasis on health and well-being, personalization, local experience, solo travel and eco-travel. To attract the attention of potential customers you will need to think of your customers first and find innovative ways to bring value to their lives and inspire them. Which means that more than ever, in travel, content is king.

Our clients in the tourism sector like working with us because we are great at creating disruptive, high quality, communication and marketing materials, that are also cost-efficient.

At CeGe, we have extensive experience in communication materials, content management and publications for theme parks, travel agencies, airlines, hotels or restaurants.

Do you have a printing project in the field of tourism?

Do you have marketing actions and need to produce communication materials for the tourism sector?

We have integrated and personalized solutions focused on three areas:

Intelligent management of printing and logistics of materials

We can integrate and standardize your printing needs globally, in a continuous process of printing on demand and distribution.

Smart publishing and content automation

We use the latest technology to create publications in a fraction of the time spent on similar traditional processes.

Sales growth and smart content

We not only produce your most relevant commercial content. We also provide new technologies and platforms for “sales enablement” so that these contents work effectively, learning intelligently from best practices on an ongoing basis. We also provide new technologies and sales enablement platforms so that these contents work effectively, continuously improving and building new business opportunities.