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Vehicle wrapping

Make a difference in your vehicle fleet

A uniformly labeled fleet improves your branding and becomes an impressive advertising medium. Every kilometer is an opportunity to highlight the visibility of your brand.

Transform your fleet with our wrapping services

At CeGe we offer specialized labeling services for vans, corporate vehicles and large fleets. Our experience in business vehicles guarantees an impeccable corporate image.

We offer personalized solutions for each client. From design to installation, we provide exceptional service and outstanding results.

We are specialists in vehicle wrapping

At CeGe we are specialists in making this entire process go smoothly with our integrated service, anywhere on the Peninsula.

Your fleet will reflect an impeccable corporate image

Durability of materials and maintenance service

Innovation to minimize the ecological impact

Quality guarantee with AVERY certifications

Why choose us?

Unified image

A uniformly labeled fleet not only improves aesthetics, it also becomes an impressive advertising medium.


The best materials and processes, together with a maintenance service, ensure that it always looks like the first day.


We innovate to minimize the impact on the environment, with greener printing and more sustainable innovative materials.

Quality guarantee

AVERY Specialist Converter and Specialist Installer certifications guarantee quality at every stage.

Every action adds up.
Committed with sustainability

Our commitment is that our projects are more sustainable.

We continually invest in green technologies, materials and processes.

  • Renewable and/or recyclable materials
  • Use of vegetable ink
  • EcoPrint, with Led-UV technology
  • Print Management (Stock reduction)
  • Socially responsible supplier policy

Do you have a campaign in mind? Get in touch with our experts.