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Graphic production and printing

If you can imagine it, we can print it

Although printing is one of the oldest channels of analog communication, and we at CeGe have more than 40 years of experience in offering B2B printing services, today printing is an innovative channel based on technology that is integrates with digital communication channels to offer customers continuous interaction with brands.

Well done, printing makes a statement about your business and your brand. In a world of constant noise and distraction, it can do the impossible: make your customer pause for a second and listen to what you have to say. A good impression requires skill, precision, experience and knowledge, which are the reasons why our clients become our long-term partners.

Our in-house printing facilities offer all the printing services you need: from offset printing, to digital printing, hybrid printing, true textured printing, and odor-impregnated printing surfaces, bindings, die cuts, specialty finishes, and more.

With our experience and our team of printing experts, there are very few things we cannot do in terms of printing, working based on your budget and the time constraints that companies face today.

Do you have a project or an idea? Get in touch with one of our experts. Our tips and budgets will always be free. Get in touch with one of our experts. Our tips and cost estimates will always be free.

Are you part of a marketing or sales department?

We provide you with integrated printing solutions, smart printing, online content management portals, print on demand, fulfilment and more.

Are you a small business or design studio?

With digital printing, we can print even small quantities. Work with us: let’s eliminate doubts in your printing projects.

Do you want to know more about the type of printing services we offer?

We offer promotional marketing materials printing services, premium printing and art book production, binding services, die cuts and special finishes (including a selection of sustainable solutions), real texture printing services with our innovative TECNIcart technology and more.

Do you want to see some examples? Explore our portfolio

Printing of marketing materials

There are products that sell themselves The remaining 99% need a little help.

Today, companies of all sizes, in all industries, face the same challenge: selling more, with fewer resources, all in the context of changing customer demand.

Today’s consumers are informed, hyperconnected, empowered, and financially prudent in their purchases, which makes beating the competition and engaging customers in new and meaningful ways a must for marketing and sales specialists.

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Premium Print and Art Book Printing

Art and photography books require innovation, and at CeGe, we are passionate about creating the impossible and finding the best way to show the author’s vision. The books we print have received prestigious awards

The books we print receive prestigious awards, such as the Galleries of Art of Catalonia, from various authors, which was named the best art book of 2018 by the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Spain and Iberia, by Aleix Plademunt, mentioned as one of the best photography books of 2019 from El País.

TECNIcart real textured print

Printing of textures and samples: TECNIcart

Do you have a project where the texture, colour and even the smell have to be transferred to the paper? You will be amazed at what we can do with TECNIcart, our innovative printing technology that is unique in the world. You will be amazed at what we can do with TECNIcart, our innovative printing technology that is unique in the world.

TECNIcart is particularly well suited for rendering realistic colour charts and patterns without the use of actual (and often very heavy!) Materials or swatches. Our clients have used this innovative print to create samples, color charts, sample catalogs, and even books by scanning and reproducing wood, cement, ceramic, paint and wall finishes, varnishes, metal and steel, and much more. Our clients have used this innovative print to create sample cards, catalogs and even books by scanning and reproducing wood, cement, ceramics, paint and wall finishes, varnishes, metal and steel and much more.

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Binding, die-cutting and special finishes

In printing, when we talk about finishing processes, we refer to all the activities carried out on the final product after printing: this can include binding, folding, die-cutting and stamping, stamping, laminating and more.

There are different ways to bind a book, we will advise you which technique is the most appropriate according to the objectives and the type of project.

The most common bindings are: Staple, Wire-O, Plastic or metallic spiral, Rustica Pur, Rustica sewn with thread, Rustica sewn with hard cover or cardboard. The not so common ones would be: Japanese, handcrafted, bare thread, rustic with soffits, Singer sewn, agreed.

art book finishes
eco print

Ecological and sustainable printing

Technological advances in the sector have made printing more affordable than ever, more sustainable and of better quality. One of the easiest and most effective ways to demonstrate a commitment to sustainable development is the choice of printing materials, systems and equipment for communication materials. From CeGe we propose the following options: From CeGe we propose several options including recycled papers, ecological and FSC certified papers, PEFC and clean printing technologies.

Can we help you manage your production and printing in a more sustainable way?