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Personalised and omnichannel 

Personalised and 

Personalised and 

If you have a personalised action in mind, we can make it a reality

We develop and execute personalised marketing actions on different media: printing with personalised content, packaging with different information, emailing. From your database, we implement personalised or segmented actions: by areas, targets, profiles, languages, etc.

Implementation, management and monitoring of personalised actions

Omnichannel: campaigns that integrate different on and offline media

Printing with variable data, fulfilment of materials and campaigns.

Security in the management of personal data and compliance with GDPR

Our marketing and communication services include:

graphic design, management of customer or user databases, emailing, cross-media campaigns, management and sending of newsletters, online and offline campaigns, fulfilment, mailings, mail integration.

customised printing of marketing materials cege
Omnichannel communication CeGe
Customised printing of marketing materials CeGe

We produce and manage the print and online elements of your personalised campaigns

The effectiveness of personalised communication

One-to-one communication is the future. It is much more effective because when a person’s name is used, they pay more attention.

At CeGe we can implement your fully personalised cross media campaigns. We can create and integrate all types of printed and digital elements.

Beyond first and last names

Personalised communication goes beyond addressing customers by name. It is about talking to them by appealing to their hobbies, interests, habits and needs.

And surprising them with personal urls, magical videos with their pet’s name or invitations to try out the product that they are most interested in.

Printing of marketing and training materials CeGe

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