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Products and formats 

Fan deck sample books

They show the entire product colour range in a very practical way, as having them all together makes it easy to compare colours and textures.

They are perfect work tools for points of sale, installers, decorators, etc. They can also be powerful communication elements if we print a photograph of the material installed, technical specifications, certifications etc. on the back.


This format (two-panel, three-panel or four-panel) is perfect for sending by mail, as it can present a large number of product samples in little space with very low weight.

It is also one of the less expensive production formats, making it optimal for handing out at fairs, conferences and other high-volume events.


The highest level of colour and texture fidelity that can be achieved with TECNIcart technology ensures product catalogues have great quality and accuracy.

For many brands the catalogue is the primary communication material, so it is essential that it accurately reflects their products.

We can suggest different options for increasing sales effectiveness by incorporating a real sample: this allows clients/influencers to verify the strength, quality and other features you want to highlight.

Product sheets

Individual product sheets are an ideal format if you expect a product to undergo changes or additions, or to be used by clients/influencers to make decisions on site.

The sheets can easily be grouped into sample binders or files to create dynamic catalogues with individual sheets or sets of them.

Point of sale material

TECNIcart makes point of sale material as realistic as possible, in terms of both colour and texture accuracy, giving it the appearance of a real product sample.

We can help create point or sale materials or suggest new solutions like boxes of business cards, textured flyers, stands or displays.

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Do you want to reach many more customers with your samples more quickly?