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Catalog and simple book of wood products

Client goals

Finsa is a century-old company dedicated to the industrial transformation of wood: they design and manufacture technical and decorative solutions from wood-derived products such as boards, decorative surfaces, furniture components, laminate floors and solid wood. Its processes are based on the development of innovation, design and circularity, in which wood does not lose qualities but rather improves its effectiveness.

They want a catalog and sample book that allow them to transmit with maximum reliability the quality and texture of their products.

CeGe Solution

At CeGe we have produced its catalog of new products and a simple book for the range of products with TECNIcart printing technology.

This technology allows the textures, reliefs and colors of the products to be faithfully reproduced without the need to include physical samples.

With this, Finsa has gained speed and efficiency in its campaigns and commercial actions, with a high level of quality when presenting its new products.

Muestrario tecnicart CeGe
Fabricantes de muestrarios Finsa Design CeGe
Muestrarios CeGe
Muestrario Finsa Design CeGe

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