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Floorstands for supermarket campaign

Client goals

Condis Supermercats is a local supermarket chain, with 600 stores in Catalunya and Andorra and a clear commitment to quality, local and fresh products.

The challenge was the production of 650 floorstands for a promotional campaign of their products in several stores.

These POS elements had to contain both a gift plant and some care products for it.

CeGe Solution

At CeGe we accepted the challenge and in one week the design, the 3D model, production and delivery to the stores were completed.

When designing and creating the piece, the needs of stability and solidity to contain the different elements of the promotion were taken into account.

To speed up its assembly and logistics, it was carried out with the Fáster system, which allows a much more efficient packaging for the delivery and much faster and easier assembly.

PLV para tiendas

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