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Printing with real 
 textures TECNIcart 

Printing with real 
 textures TECNIcart 

Printing with real 
 textures TECNIcart 

Sample books with real textures, lighter and more striking

Do you have a project in which texture, colour and even smell need to be transferred to paper? You will be amazed at what we can do with TECNIcart, our innovative printing technology that is unique in the world.

TECNIcart is particularly suitable for rendering realistic patterns and colour charts without the use of real (and often very heavy!) materials or samples. Our clients have used this innovative printing method to create sample books, colour charts, sample catalogues and even books by scanning and reproducing wood, concrete, ceramics, paint and wall finishes, varnishes, metal and steel and much more.

Customers love to see product samples produced with this technology, which can be touched with the real product texture. Another great advantage is that sample books created with TECNIcart cost and weigh much less than traditional sample books.

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TECNIcart is an innovative printing system to faithfully reproduce the colour and texture of the most diverse materials.

TECNIcart is an option for replacing or supplementing traditional sample books with real samples.

Colour charts, catalogues and sample books that will surprise you

The system is based on graphic printing, so it can be produced in any format, without limiting creativity and design: it makes it possible to better differentiate the client’s products (wood, paint, ceramics or others) with much more original and attractive sample books or product catalogues.

Faster and more reliable than the conventional (manual) process

It is an industrial process, with incredibly shorter delivery times (traditional system between 4 and 6 months | TECNIcart between 4 and 5 weeks).

It reduces the time to market and it speeds up the launch of new products and ranges.

You can reprint the quantities you want, with the same result.

Would you like to reach more customers faster with your samples?