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Automated product catalog

Client goals

Trilanco is a wholesaler of equestrian, agricultural and pet products. The Trilanco catalog, which consists of more than 10,000 products, is published annually in two variants: with price and without price.

Trilanco outsourced the production of its catalogs, but due to the costs involved, it decided to create an internal graphic design department and began the search for solutions to efficiently carry out the production.

CeGe Solution

A catalog automation system was proposed, which provides the company with a catalog that is always up-to-date, works from a very simple web for any user and offers great flexibility to publish in various formats.

The database is always kept up-to-date, in a very practical way, without errors, and in each edition, the two versions are automatically paginated, edited and printed: with and without price.

Catálogo de productos automatizados
Catálogo de productos automatizado CeGe Global

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