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Automatic floorstand production

Client goals

Granini requests the graphic production of a product display for the launch of its new Zitro range.
For this launch, they want to promote the product at the point of sale, where most consumers decide to buy or try new beverages and soft drinks.
The exhibitor must contribute to the campaign planned by trade marketing in the stores. The main objectives of this POS element are to communicate the new brand and product, and at the same time expose it to promote its purchase.

CeGe Solution

Our team of experts proposes an automatic floorstands as a solution: an element that is both visible at the point of sale and very easy to transport and assemble. Therefore, the campaign implementation is much more efficient. 
This floorstand is transported flat and its assembly is automatic. This makes it possible for anyone on the team to assemble it very quickly and easily.
Its is produced with cardboard, which provides with three additional advantages:
• its light weight reduces the complexity and costs of transport.
• it is a recyclable material, so it helps to minimize the impact on the environment.
• this material allows the production of elements with very different shapes, depending on the creativity of the marketing teams or their agencies: in this case, a very innovative curved design which is consistent with the brand’s fresh and natural positioning.

Floorstand automático Granini
Floorstand automático producido para Granini

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