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Large format corporeals

Client goals

DESIGUAL wants to take its brand (literally, with all its letters) to one of the biggest Fashion Trade Shows in the United States: Magic Las Vegas.

We were asked to design and produce large format banners in different colours to create branding for their Magic Las Vegas space.

Two additional requirements are:

– keep to a very tight timetable to arrive on the day of the event

– to make this campaign, like all the brand’s campaigns, as environmentally sustainable as possible, in line with the brand’s sustainable concept: Love the world.

CeGe Solution

The large format corporeal signs have been designed and coordinated by CeGe and produced with a company from our trusted network in the United States.

The on-site production made it possible to meet the very tight deadlines for this action!

It is also much more environmentally sustainable, as we have saved 100% of the ecological footprint of the shipments.

The result can be seen in the photos: a great brand impact at this important fashion event.

Large format CeGe
large format and lettering CeGe
Large format elements CeGe Global
large format corporeals Desigual by CeGe Global

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