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Welcome pack Kave Home

Client goals

Kave Home is a Mediterranean furniture brand that is committed to doing things differently, also when it comes to welcoming new collaborators.

This welcome pack has been designed to give a very personal welcome, consistent with the values of the company.

This company is revolutionizing the furniture and decoration sector, creating unique designs in a responsible and sustainable way. Respect for the environment is present in the different pieces of this pack, since each one has a story related to sustainability.

CeGe Solution

This is a work created with care by the client and produced with the same care by CeGe, from the technical development of the pack to the printing of the elements and the final handling.

The diptych incorporates some seeds that convey love for nature and at the same time a message of personal and professional growth (just like the plant that will grow from the diptych itself).


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