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Multimedia catalog

Client goals

Technal, a leading company in aluminum systems, has a broad product portfolio, with technical complexity and very dynamic, which is constantly renewed by the continuous innovation of the company. This client needs to communicate their products, but also reinforce the characteristics, applications and technical details in each one of them.

Therefore, the management of its catalog has been complicated and requires many resources of the company to keep it up to date. You need to solve various aspects, such as:

  1. Need for all product information to be always up to date and available to customers and the commercial team.
  2. Update of the presentation system: very simple access to all the technical elements of the products and their applications.
  3. Reduction of costs and time dedicated to editing and updating content.
  4. Availability of access and segmented information according to the profile of clients and for key accounts.
  5. Agility of all process of content management.

CeGe Solution

An implementation of CatalogPlayer is proposed, which allows very agile product management, remote access from anywhere (even without Wi-Fi) and an attractive presentation of the company and the products down to the last detail.

  1. It allows the marketing team to centrally manage the contents through the on-line management panel, managed in different languages ​​and with specific contents for the different continents / countries where the products are offered.
  2. The App is used as a downloadable catalog: the multimedia and interactive presentation of the company’s products -with a very technical profile- allows users to have all the information they may need for the application of the products in their projects.
  3. It contributes to the increase of the corporate image by presenting the company in its international implementation and with success stories in various markets.
  4. All kinds of application utilization statistics and information queries per product are automatically obtained in each of the markets.
  5. Own compilation and downloadable from the App Store.

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