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Multimedia Commercial Catalog

Client goals

  • Ensure that the commercial and logistics information of the sales force is always up to date and update the display system.
  • Reduce costs and time spent on editing and updating content, also for key customers or particular segments.
  • Optimize the distribution of content.
  • Make better use of sales force computer (iPad in this case).

CeGe Solution

Given customer requirements, CeGe proposed the implementation of CatalogPlayer, which improves communication both Company-Commercial, and Business-Client:

  • Allows the marketing team centralization of the contents of products and brands through online panel management, and unified distribution based on profiled commercial groups.
  • Use of APP CatalogPlayer Tablets for multimedia and interactive presentation of products of the company, increases the user experience and improves the corporate image.
  • The creation of data sheets in PDF is automated, ensuring that the sales team always have the latest version and reduces the cost of maintenance and distribution of commercial information.
  • The multimedia commercial catalogue solves the need to generate tailor-made content for key customers or specific segments. This is possible due to the possibility of creating, at the moment from the APP itself, product groupings that can be shared with the customer without the need to provide the entire catalogue.
  • With this commercial catalogue, all kinds of statistics on the use of the company’s information are automatically obtained and the communication channel with the sales representatives and their customers is unified.
Product in digital commercial catalogue
Catálogo comercial digital con productos
Commercial catalogue with product and description
Multimedia commercial catalogues with product description

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