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Premium production and printing of prestigious books

Client goals

Patrimoni i memòria by J. P. Viladecans is a publication formed by different elements, each of them signed by its author.

The client asks us for a project that ensures high quality printing, as well as the manipulation of all the elements that make up the publication. The pieces must maintain the order in which they are numbered with the identification of the presentation box.

CeGe Solution

We advise on the choice of printing material, and we can reproduce with great fidelity the originals of the client.

The manipulation is carried out with the utmost rigor to maintain the order of the elements within the collection.

Libro de prestigio 2
Libro de prestigio 3
Libro de prestigio
Libro de prestigio 4
Libro de prestigio 5
Libro de prestigio 6
Libro de prestigio 7

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