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Prestigious book print with separate elements

Client goals

Joan Pere Viladecans is an artist who maintains a constant dialogue between figuration and abstraction, with some pieces in which geometric figures predominate as a reference to blackboards, children’s games and notebooks. In terms of the subject matter, his interest is centred on a certain ecological concern, the degradation of nature, illness, the passing of time and the fragility of human life.

For Viladecans it is important to endow his images with a strong poetic content.

These are the sensations that the pages of the prestigious book “Patrimoni i memòria”, a publication made up of different elements signed by its author, should also evoke.

For this project, the client requested a book that would ensure high quality printing, as well as the handling of all the various elements that make up the publication. The pieces must keep the order in which they are numbered with the identification of the presentation box.

CeGe Solution

At CeGe our experts advise the client from the beginning of the project: the choice of paper, the most suitable finishes or the binding system. All the details are important to capture and transmit the author’s idea.

In this case we would like to highlight three key aspects for the great final result of this prestigious book:

The first was the choice of paper and printing materials, which allowed the customer’s originals to be reproduced very faithfully.

The second was the Uvi printing of a diptych containing the other elements, printed on transparent PVC.

The third was the care with which the different pieces were handled and arranged, with the utmost rigour in order to maintain the order of the elements within the collection.

Printed prestige book
Prestige book with independent elements
Printed prestige book
Open prestige book
Printed prestige book open
Printed prestige book
Prestigious book cover

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