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Production and printing with special stamping for an institutional book.

Client goals

M. Moleiro is a company with great prestige all over the world specialised in the reproduction of codices, maps and works of art between the 8th and 16th centuries.

They requested our advice and the printing of the book Le livre de Chasse, dictated to a scribe around 1350 by Gaston Fébus (Count of Foix, a great hunter and lover of hunting books).

Its pages are illustrated with miniatures of impressive quality, which are among the best of the Parisian illumination of the early 15th century.

The customer wishes to reproduce this unique book and its illustrations faithfully.

CeGe Solution

CeGe has been in charge of the graphic production of this artistic book, as well as its printing with special engravings.

The main challenge was to maintain the same quality and sensations of the beautiful miniatures that are the protagonists of a large part of the book. We have achieved this with a detailed work throughout the pre-printing phase, with a careful treatment of the images and with very special prints.

The printing of art books requires special attention to detail: from the paper to the binding to the pre-press preparation, so to ensure that everything is consistent with the authors’ idea and artistic intent.

Institutional book printed with special stamping
Book cover printed with special embossings Cege Global

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