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Corporate publication design and edition service: Portal & content management system

Client goals

CaixaBank Research aims to create and disseminate knowledge through research and economic analysis, adding value to the process by stimulating debate and encouraging the dissemination of the great themes of socio-economic environment of our time, putting them within reach of the largest possible number of individuals and companies, with scientific and methodological rigor.

CeGe was requested for a project conceptualization, design and implementation of a new portal of knowledge to maximize disclosure of the contents, shorten time online publishing, and optimize the production process.

CeGe Solution

We develop a first strategic work of benchmarking and analysis, and suggest a new information structure based more on research papers than publications.

It is proposed to develop a web portal based on Liferay, using 100% responsive (adapted to tablets, smartphones, etc.) with the launch of the K4 CeGe platform for creating and publishing content by economists of CaixaBank Research.

The project was conceptualized, designed and implemented in time and estimated cost, and it is considered a reference in the sector.

Tomas da Silva

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