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Interactive annual report

Client goals

Digitization makes it possible to create more dynamic and interactive annual corporate reports that allow each reader to get into the aspects that are of most interest.

At the same time, the annual report is gaining more and more prominence as elements of branding and communication, not only for shareholders but for all stakeholders (internal collaborators, strategic partners, channels, customers…).

As every year, SEAT asks us to deliver a report that is both rigorous in content and very attractive on a visual level.

CeGe Solution

Our professionals have designed and edited this report with rigorous and well-prepared content, which meets the criteria that a good annual report must have and with a creative design consistent with the innovative and sustainable values of this leading company in the automotive sector.

In the 2021 annual report, moreover, we take a step towards a much more experiential and dynamic report.
Is it an interactive website? Is it a corporate memory? This annual report is everything.

It is an example of how to communicate the most relevant messages in an impactful and dynamic way, allowing at the same time to delve into each topic according to interest or preference.

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