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Integrated annual report

Client goals

Colonial is the leading real estate company in the quality office market. It is a company with intense corporate communication activity throughout the year. But the time of the Annual Report is always key.

In the annual report, the company presents to all its stakeholders the results obtained, as well as the main challenges and projects for the future, including relevant issues such as social responsibility and sustainability policies.

CeGe Solution

For 11 years, CeGe’s specialists have been designing and printing Colonial’s annual report based on the content, data and messages that the company wishes to convey, with very tight deadlines.

To make it agile and secure, everything is integrated in a team that coordinates all the contents and designs, as well as the successive changes, translations and adaptations to different formats.

The annual report is an extremely sensitive element of communication, so rigour and confidentiality are guaranteed throughout the process.

integrated annual report CeGe
Annual report Colonial CeGe
integrated annual report Colonial CeGe
integrated annual report CeGe Global
Annual report Colonial cover
Annual report Colonial CeGe

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