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Annual Report ESTEVE 2022

Client goals

Esteve is a leading company in the health sector in Spain with a clear international vocation. Every year, its report includes the company’s main projects and challenges.

They ask us to create this report and adapt it to new digital formats, with the aim of creating a differential design that better reflects the essence of the organization.

CeGe Solution

The   memory is an element of communication with careful editing and graphic production. 

Digital formats provide another reading experience,  much more dynamic content that reaches all audiences (not just the stakeholders  ccustomed to this type of publications).

Portada informe anual impreso Esteve 2022 CeGe
Informe anual 2022 Esteve
Informe anual 2022 impreso Esteve CeGe
Informe anual Esteve CeGe

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