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Mutua Madrileña Annual Report 2022

Client goals

Mutua Madrileña is one of the largest Spanish insurance groups.

Its scope of action covers the main lines of insurance, the management of personal and real estate assets, as well as the offer of savings and investment solutions, mobility and value-added services for its clients.

CeGe Solution

In collaboration with the Internal Communication and Corporate Reputation department, we take care of providing the publications with a modern and outstanding editorial character that provides them with differential value and that facilitates the understanding and communication of the contents.

The project includes the digital version of the three reports: Annual Report, Corporate Governance Report and Annual Accounts Report.

Portada memoria anual Mutua Madrileña ceGe
Memoria anual Mutua Madrileña 2022 ceGe
Memoria anual impresa Mutua Madrileña 2022

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