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Catalog for kitchen projects

Client goals

Kuchentime offers products and services focused on designing and creating the ideal kitchen for each of its customers. In its commercial process the catalog has an important role, since it allows to visualize the entire range of products, brands and services to facilitate the choice. The catalogue plays an important role in the commercial process, as it allows to visualise the whole range of products, brands and services in order to facilitate the choice.

We are asked to include additional functionalities that allow us to request and include the most relevant data of each client and their kitchen, in order to facilitate the elaboration of the final project.

CeGe Solution

From CeGe we propose to the client the implementation of CatalogPlayer, a multimedia catalog that works as an agile and powerful communication and commercial management tool.

Thanks to this innovative App, Kuchentime has solved the challenges posed, while also providing a more efficient catalogue system for kitchen projects:

  • It reinforces the corporate image and the values ​​of technology and perfection in the elaboration of tailor-made projects for a high customer target.
  • Visualize in a more attractive way the presentation of products and budgets. It is used as a tool for preparing both the plan and the budget.
  • It allows managing the data collection at home to carry out tailor-made projects, with an interactive system in which all the elements of the kitchen, accessories, etc. can be presented at the same time.
  • It allows the marketing team to centrally manage the contents through the on-line management panel.
  • Reduction of costs and time spent editing and updating content.
  • All types of application utilization statistics, project preparation time, information queries, etc. are automatically obtained.
Catalog for kitchen projects
Catalog for kitchen projects
Catalogue for kitchen projects CeGe

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