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Client goals

Pastorfrigor is an Italian company dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of refrigerating chambers in expansion.

The internal design and marketing team is responsible for creating and updating all product data and offers in different countries, both in printed formats (sheets, brochures …). This process, as the company expands and grows in markets and countries, becomes more complex and requires time and resources, slowing down the commercial process.

It is necessary to add the fact of having several factories in several countries, which makes it more and more complicated to have all the information of products updated in an agile and error-free manner, managed and shared by all the teams.

CeGe Solution

The Sales Layer PIM was chosen for the centralized management of product information.

The features of this PIM system make it easy to update and enrich the product content without errors, without loss of time and without repetitive tasks.

All countries are connected to a central database, and each country can translate locally and share their data. With this new system there are instant updates of the information of all the products in the whole Pastorfrigor group and in several languages.

All this allows to dedicate less resources, with better results and with greater agility in all the commercial processes that depend on this information: product sheets, brochures, offers, websites, etc.

PIM integration

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