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Interactive catalog for direct sales management

Client goals

Eismann is a leading company in the home delivery of deep frozen products. An important part of its commercial management is based on a catalog organized by categories, with multiple products that are constantly renewed. The catalog itself is constantly evolving, adapting to the different campaigns and seasons of the year.

The other important aspect is customer loyalty and management in a system based on self-sales with direct contact with the buyer, key to reach thousands of homes around the world.

The challenges posed by Eismann have been to achieve an interactive catalog that:

  • Be a tool that allows faster and more interactive product sales.
  • Be quick to update, optimal in the process of incorporating new content and offers.
  • Have a simple and complete access to the different product families.
  • Be more efficient in costs and time dedicated to editing and updating content on paper.
  • Allow the customer’s purchase history to always be available to the seller in order to adjust the offer to each buyer.

CeGe Solution

From CeGe we propose the use of the App CatalogPlayer.

It is an innovative and unbeatable system in the management of the contents of catalogs. It is ideal for companies like Eismann, with portfolios of very broad products, which are continuously modified and that must be presented in an agile and very attractive way to customers, with the offers and promotions highlighted.

Thanks to CatalogPlayer Eismann has a powerful tool that:

  • It allows a centralized management of the contents through the on-line management panel.
  • The App is used as an interactive catalog in which the presentation of the products is complete and perfectly adapted to each client.
  • The purchase is facilitated to the client, since the seller is the one who can show the product offer always updated in terms of prices and conditions.
  • It allows you to close the order at the same time and initiate all related internal processes (preparation, collections, shipments…).
  • It facilitates to the autovendedor a system of management of routes adaptable to the variations of the day to day.
  • All kinds of usage statistics of the application, the products shown and the offers made are automatically obtained.
  • And finally, and very important considering the capillarity of the visits: it does not depend on the on-line connection, since it works remotely even without Wi-Fi coverage.
Interactive catalog for sales
Interactive catalog CeGe Global
Products in interactive catalog for sales
Product sample in interactive catalog CeGe
Interactive catalog for commercial equipment CeGe

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